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Digital design digest:
Avoiding bias in design

One of the biggest challenges designers face is avoiding bias. We all have perspectives that subconsciously affect our decisions. In the case of design, those choices we don’t even realise we are making can have big consequences.


Passionate late night radio for the freaks

Excellent radio with a passion for the unusual: Steve Davis and Stewart Lee discussing their love of experimental music on the BBC, and the triumphant return of Iain Lee to late nights.



I am a digital designer, content strategist and front-end web developer with 14 years of experience designing, building and running websites. I have a strong focus on usability, and my knowledge of social science helps me understand the needs of users.

Certified as an agile project management registered practitioner, I have been involved in projects for a variety of organisations: educational institutions, small businesses, third sector, politics and government.