View of Edinburgh from Blackford hill

Moved to Edinburgh

I have been fairly quiet on this blog recently, mostly because things have been pretty busy in real life. The biggest piece of news is that I have now moved to Edinburgh, and moved in with Alex.


Back on the bike!

Five weeks on from my cycling accident, I am delighted to be back on my bike.

Jules Bianchi

Jules Bianchi

It is difficult to know for sure what Jules Bianchi would have achieved in Formula 1. We can, however, reflect on what he had already achieved.


Trip to Tiree

Our trip to Tiree was my first visit to a Hebridean island. The beautiful and quiet island reluctantly revealed its secrets over the course of the week.

Charles Kennedy

Charles Kennedy

We have lost one of our greatest liberal voices just when we need one the most.

Arthur's Seat

Moving on

Today I have started a new job. After over five years, I have left the University of St Andrews. I am now the web manager at SRUC in Edinburgh.

SNP Scottish government

Why the SNP are fairweather friends of freedom

I wish the SNP every success in their attempt to work with Conservatives to block the UK government’s snoopers’ charter. But their actions as the Scottish government show that the SNP’s commitment to civil liberties only lasts while it can be used as a stick to beat “Westminster”.


Strategies for dealing with creative block

It’s a puzzle that has haunted writers, artists and other creatives since the caveman first applied ink to a wall. Blockbox is one brilliant way to tackle difficult creative problems.


Italy adventures part 1: Rome

Alex and I took a trip to Italy for new year. Among our highlights from Rome were a visit to the Vatican City and new year’s eve at the Colosseum.