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I am a digital designer based in Edinburgh. This is my personal website, where I publish regular articles, and a daily link that has made me think.

Email me: contact@duncanstephen.co.uk

About me

I am interested in human-centred technology.

In my spare time I like cycling, running and walking to explore new areas. I enjoy watching motorsport and listening to experimental/electronic music. I am interested in modernist and brutalist architecture. I like drinking good beer (in moderation, of course).

My background is in social science. I have degree in economics and politics. I am a liberal, and a member of the Liberal Democrats.

You may remember me from some of my older blogs: doctorvee, vee8, Stepreo or Scottish Roundup.

About my work

I work for the University of Edinburgh Website Programme as an editorial development officer. I am also regularly involved in undertaking user experience work. I provide specialist website editorial and design expertise to ensure the delivery of a user-focused, sustainable and legally compliant online presence.

Contact me and social media

If you would like to contact me, please email as I no longer regularly check social media.

Email me: contact@duncanstephen.co.uk

I can be found on social media platforms, but I mainly re-share content from this website.


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