Installing progressive web apps — Jeremy Keith, Adactio

In this post about a Google Chrome mobile user interface change, another telling comment that explains part of the reason why the web appears to be in trouble.

The way we’ve turned browsing the web—especially on mobile—into a frustrating chore of dismissing unwanted overlays is a classic tragedy of the commons. We blew it.

Something is wrong on the internet – James Bridle, Medium

This article uses kids’ video content as an example, but really it is about how we all consume all types of content. The same effects that are causing these weird YouTube videos to be created are driving clickbait culture generally.

The direction the internet is taking seems to be taking us down a disturbing path.

Me and Alex showing off her ring

Alex and I are now engaged!

On Saturday 4 November, we had been together for 2 million minutes. So I whisked Alex off for a mystery trip to the north east of Scotland.

An exciting moment. Genuinely crisp brand new bank notes from the machine, with serial numbers in order.

Fashion, Maslow and Facebook’s control of social — Benedict Evans

An interesting look at the parallels between the fashion industry and modern day digital trendsetters.

The fashion industry does not set fashion – it proposes them. It tries to work out the mood and the zeitgeist and looks for ideas that might express that. The same, increasingly, for Facebook – it cannot really decide how people use its products or what they see, only propose. 

Minimalist banner

Stop adding complexity – be an undesigner

How do you make something better? Human instinct often tells us we should add something to improve it. But this evidence shows we should stop adding complexity.

Mexican Grand Prix night.

…Including home made churros!

It’s always great to hear new music from the Focus Group. Stop-Motion Happening has more wronged-up sound collages of mis-remembered pasts. Here’s a clip.

Spooky Dunc

Everyone on Twitter is changing their names to be Halloween themed. This is the best I can come up with.

Max Verstappen

What’s the truth about Max Verstappen’s penalty?

Stewarding in F1 has improved markedly in the past year, with the FIA having vowed to take a more lenient line on minor indiscretions. That makes this week’s controversy surrounding Max Verstappen’s penalty at the US Grand Prix feel like a blast from the past.

Mute, nameless, servile: The promise of sex in motorsport

[W]omen are presented as reward in motorsport like few other major sports in the world. From Formula One’s lines of applauding women directing victorious drivers to the cool down room, to Monster Energy Drinks’ extensive use of promotional women, to “brolly dollies” in motorbike racing, to the paper thin metaphor of spraying models on the podium with champagne.

Radiohead at Trnsmt

Radiohead at Trnsmt were OK

I took the opportunity to see Radiohead when they played at Glasgow Green this summer as part of the Trnsmt festival. Even though they have been one of my favourite bands for over 15 years, I had never actually gone to see them before.

The six tribes of Brexit revealed

Since last year’s EU referendum, many political analysts have placed Britons neatly into one of two tribes: Leavers or Remainers. But a new piece of research paints a more nuanced picture of the lines along which British society is divided.

Time to remove the Lib Dem invisibility cloak

On all these people trying to set up moderate, pro-EU political parties.

Like it or not, if you want a pro-EU, pro-business, pro-tech UK political party, there is already one that has over 100,000 members, 12 MPs, thousands of councillors, and an internal democracy that compares favourably to every single one of its competitors.

One person’s history of Twitter, from beginning to end — Mike Monteiro

Ten years ago, a group of white dudes baked the DNA of the platform without thought to harassment or abuse. They built the platform with the best of intentions. I still believe this. But they were ignorant to their own blind spots. As we all are. This is the value of diverse teams by the way. When you’re building a tool with a global reach (and who isn’t these days) your team needs to look like the world it’s trying to reach. And ten years later, the abuse has proven too much to fix.