Radiohead at Trnsmt

Radiohead at Trnsmt were OK

I took the opportunity to see Radiohead when they played at Glasgow Green this summer as part of the Trnsmt festival. Even though they have been one of my favourite bands for over 15 years, I had never actually gone to see them before.

Can publishers just please stop it with all this video? I just declared bankruptcy on the long list of videos I told myself I was going to watch.

Probably only about 20% of links I click are worth my time. With videos, there is no good way of scanning to find out. You just have to sit through it to find out — by which time it’s too late.

Publishers find Google AMP loads too fast for ad views

For an insight into just how much of a mess publishers find themselves in, look no further than this article.

In effect, the user experience is almost too good, with content loading so fast that people scroll past the ads before they’ve been able to load, resulting in ads that aren’t deemed viewable…

“There are a variety of issues around AMP with ads, and the fact that AMP [editorial content] loads ‘too fast’ is definitely among them,” said a publishing exec.

For too many years, publishers have been actively making the user experience bad. When your business model is to make things harder for your customers, it’s time to radically rethink.

Quality counts.

Pleased to have got my hands on the new Autechre EP (for charidee). For some reason my Autechre release detection radar was switched off, and by the time I discovered it, it had sold out. I eventually tracked down some copies on Juno Records. One of 1,000 copies.

Job story format: When [_] I want to [_] so that [_]

How to improve your job stories

This month’s digital design digest features a couple of articles about getting the most out of job stories. Plus, promising news from the world of CSS, how the Guardian is increasing its subscriber numbers, and where government goes wrong with digital transformation.


Steve Hewlett

I was sad to hear this afternoon about the death of Steve Hewlett. His regular interviews with Eddie Mair about his cancer journey made for incredible radio.

Fail whale

Ten years of twitting about

In ten years, Twitter has transformed from a geek enclave to a mainstream form of communication. But I find it difficult to imagine signing up to Twitter today.


Passionate late night radio for the freaks

Excellent radio with a passion for the unusual: Steve Davis and Stewart Lee discussing their love of experimental music on the BBC, and the triumphant return of Iain Lee to late nights.

iPod playing a podcast

The year of the podcast

Just when it seemed as though podcasts would never break into the mainstream, 2014 seems to be the year they made it. Here are some of the podcasts that are currently floating my boat.

Flags of Papua New Guinea and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

PNG versus SVG

For years the debate has raged on. Which image file format is better: PNG or SVG? The Commonwealth Games gave us the chance to find out.


The decline of snooker

I used to be riveted to snooker, as did 18.5 million viewers in 1985. Today I am indifferent and TV ratings are much reduced. What is behind snooker’s slump?


20 years of BBC Radio 5 Live

The BBC’s rolling news and sport station is now 20 years old. It has provided a lot of great memories. But it needs to sharpen up to safeguard its future.

Can web design really learn from brutalist architecture?

As a web designer with an interest in brutalist architecture, I was fascinated to read an article about what web designers can learn from brutalism. But perhaps instead of taking inspiration, perhaps the lessons are in what web designers should avoid.

Freaks cover

Review: Pulp – Freaks (2012 reissue)

Pulp on Fire part 2 of 3.

In a sense, Freaks is Pulp’s most interesting album — probably because it is also the band’s worst album. The original suffered from a rushed production. So could a remastered edition cast a new light on the recordings?

It (2012 reissue) cover

Review: Pulp – It (2012 reissue)

Pulp on Fire part 1 of 3.

Despite the fact that I am a huge Pulp fan, I have arrived late to last year’s reissues of Pulp’s first three albums. But the remastered edition puts It in a new light.

What UK radio can learn from North America

This American Life will at long last be broadcast in the UK later this year. I hope this is a sign of things to come, as British radio could learn a lot from North America.

BBC F1 – the verdict

Jake Humphrey’s departure from the BBC means that their coverage has inevitably taken a step back in quality. But there are still some areas where the BBC is excelling in comparison to Sky.

Review: Best of Bug hosted by Adam Buxton

I made the trek through to Edinburgh on a school night for the rare opportunity to see Adam Buxton’s Bug show in Scotland. Although I was feeling the effects today, it was well worth it.

The importance of late night radio

Radio is an intensely intimate medium. So Tony Livesey’s departure from late night radio leaves me worrying about who will send me to sleep from now on.

Sky Sports F1 – the verdict

Last year I made do without Sky’s Formula 1 coverage. But this year I decided to treat myself and shell out. So is it worth paying for?


I was delighted to receive Uncommon by Owen Hatherley from a friend at Christmas. I am a huge Pulp fan, but this book had slipped under my radar. Pulp are a great subject for a book, but this analysis ultimately disappoints.


Was Joyce Hatto always a con artist?

Joyce Hatto was a revered pianist until her recordings were revealed to be fakes after her death. But was the truth about her recordings staring everyone in the face all along?