In Dundee this weekend, so here is the obligatory photo of the V&A.

Website redesign

The annual redesign

Every year, at around this time of year, I get an urge to scratch that itch. I have to redesign my website. This year the visuals are jazzier. But the code behind the scenes is making me cringe.

Can web design really learn from brutalist architecture?

As a web designer with an interest in brutalist architecture, I was fascinated to read an article about what web designers can learn from brutalism. But perhaps instead of taking inspiration, perhaps the lessons are in what web designers should avoid.

CSS code

Implementing header images

I decided to add header images to this website’s design. I opted for a parallax effect, despite the fact that I normally rail against them.

Devising a colour scheme

I recently made some tweaks to the colours of this website. I have always felt that colour theory was one of my weakest points as a designer, so I like to take any opportunity I can to learn more about it.

Derby Street demolitions – aftermath

On Sunday, Dundee’s tallest buildings disappeared from the skyline forever. They were merely 40 years old, but were said to be too costly to maintain and too difficult to rent out. In seconds, these proud, sturdy structures collapsed into rubble — but not without a fight.

Bucklemaker Court

Derby Street demolitions, Dundee

Bucklemaker Court and Butterburn Court are currently the tallest buildings in Dundee. But in less than a month they will be gone entirely.

Lego Architecture: Fallingwater

I have an interest in architecture, and I was excited when I learnt that Lego has an Architecture series. One of the sets is of a favourite of mine — Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright.