View of Edinburgh Castle from my desk

Pastures new

After almost two years at SRUC (Scotland’s Rural College), I have decided to move on. The opportunity to work with the University of Edinburgh Website Programme was too good to ignore.

The bumpy road to autonomy

Autonomous vehicles — driverless cars — are coming. There will be bumps in the road along the way. But they are essential to fix our cities.

Job story format: When [_] I want to [_] so that [_]

How to improve your job stories

This month’s digital design digest features a couple of articles about getting the most out of job stories. Plus, promising news from the world of CSS, how the Guardian is increasing its subscriber numbers, and where government goes wrong with digital transformation.

Padlock icon

Implementing HTTPS

I put off making my website more secure because I dreaded it would be difficult. In the end it was a ten minute job.

Fail whale

Ten years of twitting about

In ten years, Twitter has transformed from a geek enclave to a mainstream form of communication. But I find it difficult to imagine signing up to Twitter today.

Google Chrome screenshot: "He's dead, Jim!"

The fight we face for the web’s future

The web is facing many challenges from new technologies, threatening the open culture that made it such a success. We need to fight for its survival.

LinkedIn headquarters

Is it time to put LinkedIn in the bin?

Microsoft recently announced that it will acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. But do any of LinkedIn’s users actually derive value from it?

Reflections on IWMW16

My highlights from the the Institutional Web Management Workshop, the valuable annual conference for (mostly) higher education web managers.

Arthur's Seat

Moving on

Today I have started a new job. After over five years, I have left the University of St Andrews. I am now the web manager at SRUC in Edinburgh.


Strategies for dealing with creative block

It’s a puzzle that has haunted writers, artists and other creatives since the caveman first applied ink to a wall. Blockbox is one brilliant way to tackle difficult creative problems.

Flags of Papua New Guinea and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

PNG versus SVG

For years the debate has raged on. Which image file format is better: PNG or SVG? The Commonwealth Games gave us the chance to find out.

Website redesign

The annual redesign

Every year, at around this time of year, I get an urge to scratch that itch. I have to redesign my website. This year the visuals are jazzier. But the code behind the scenes is making me cringe.

Can web design really learn from brutalist architecture?

As a web designer with an interest in brutalist architecture, I was fascinated to read an article about what web designers can learn from brutalism. But perhaps instead of taking inspiration, perhaps the lessons are in what web designers should avoid.

Google search engine results page screenshot

Are the days of the underlined hyperlink over?

The world’s biggest website has made a major usability decision. As part of a series of tweaks, the hyperlinks on Google’s search engine result pages are no longer underlined. So is it time for us all to ditch the underline?

Study at St Andrews screenshot

Website launch: Study at St Andrews

For the past 12 months, I have been working on the new Study at St Andrews website, a full replacement for the webpages aimed at prospective students of the University of St Andrews.

Web at 25 logo

The web at 25

The world wide web has more birthdays than the Queen. But it’s well worth celebrating — and protecting.

Google+ logo

Why I enjoy using Google+

It seems as if Google+ is still the butt of all jokes. But recently I have begun to use Google+ more, and I am enjoying it.

CSS code

Implementing header images

I decided to add header images to this website’s design. I opted for a parallax effect, despite the fact that I normally rail against them.

Archives to doctorvee restored

The archives to doctorvee, my old blog, have now been restored. It would have been so easy to just not bother restoring it. But I am glad I did.