Record player

Help! I’m becoming an audiophile

After years of dilly-dallying, I have finally bought myself a new record player. But I’m still not convinced vinyl provides the superior sound quality.

Twice this year I have been sent customer feedback surveys before I have even received the items, because they were delayed so badly. Arse, meet elbow.

If you’re interested, the guilty parties are Specsavers (my glasses took 6 weeks to arrive) and Currys PC World (I’m still waiting on my new Chromebook).

Me and Alex showing off her ring

Alex and I are now engaged!

On Saturday 4 November, we had been together for 2 million minutes. So I whisked Alex off for a mystery trip to the north east of Scotland.

In Dundee this weekend, so here is the obligatory photo of the V&A.

I’ve gone a bit over the top baking a cake for a charity coffee morning at work tomorrow. I didn’t fancy making muffins or anything simple, so I have ended up making something way too elaborate. I won’t be able to finish it until about 1am. 😩

Computer keyboard and mouse

Why it’s time to reclaim our digital lives

The more we come to understand about the big social media networks’ impact on society, the less appealing it becomes. It’s time we stopped letting them control our digital lives. This is why I will start blogging again.

Friends looking out over Princes Street Gardens

Reflections on 2016

A lot of bad stuff has gone down in the world in 2016. But we still go about our daily lives, which can make the larger global changes seem merely like the cherry on top. Here are some reflections on my 2016.

View of Edinburgh from Blackford hill

Moved to Edinburgh

I have been fairly quiet on this blog recently, mostly because things have been pretty busy in real life. The biggest piece of news is that I have now moved to Edinburgh, and moved in with Alex.


Back on the bike!

Five weeks on from my cycling accident, I am delighted to be back on my bike.


Trip to Tiree

Our trip to Tiree was my first visit to a Hebridean island. The beautiful and quiet island reluctantly revealed its secrets over the course of the week.


Italy adventures part 1: Rome

Alex and I took a trip to Italy for new year. Among our highlights from Rome were a visit to the Vatican City and new year’s eve at the Colosseum.

Walking for the sake of it

You don’t need to have a purpose to walk. The physical and mental health benefits are manifest. My daily walk is as important to me as brushing my teeth.

Northern lights

Iceland adventures part 3: natural attractions

Iceland adventures part 3 of 6.

It’s no secret that Iceland has some stunning scenery. Its geography is just fantastic. Nature does not get much more extreme than volcanoes. But more visually spectacular are its waterfalls — and, of course, the northern lights.

CSS code

Implementing header images

I decided to add header images to this website’s design. I opted for a parallax effect, despite the fact that I normally rail against them.

Archives to doctorvee restored

The archives to doctorvee, my old blog, have now been restored. It would have been so easy to just not bother restoring it. But I am glad I did.

Derby Street demolitions – aftermath

On Sunday, Dundee’s tallest buildings disappeared from the skyline forever. They were merely 40 years old, but were said to be too costly to maintain and too difficult to rent out. In seconds, these proud, sturdy structures collapsed into rubble — but not without a fight.

Migrating to another Google account

I recently decided to switch my main Google account. But how can you do that when your old account contains all of your data? I found out that the process is not entirely straightforward. But with some care and a few sacrifices it is possible.

Bucklemaker Court

Derby Street demolitions, Dundee

Bucklemaker Court and Butterburn Court are currently the tallest buildings in Dundee. But in less than a month they will be gone entirely.

Dundee Law sculpture

The new sculpture at Dundee Law initially served to confuse me rather than amuse me. But hopefully it is the first of many improvements needed in the area.

Lego Architecture: Fallingwater

I have an interest in architecture, and I was excited when I learnt that Lego has an Architecture series. One of the sets is of a favourite of mine — Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Living your life at random

A shortage of spare time has seen me deciding how to spend my spare time by using a random number generator. An experiment by Steve Levitt of Freakonomics fame has got me wondering if I could make even bigger decisions at random.

Hello again world

Celebrating ten years of blogging, a potted history of my web presence.

Some notes on my new website

I have decided to start blogging again — sort of. I explain why I had to stop in the past, and how I plan to carry on in the future.