Jules Bianchi

Jules Bianchi

It is difficult to know for sure what Jules Bianchi would have achieved in Formula 1. We can, however, reflect on what he had already achieved.

Flags of Papua New Guinea and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

PNG versus SVG

For years the debate has raged on. Which image file format is better: PNG or SVG? The Commonwealth Games gave us the chance to find out.

Fernando Alonso

Is Fernando Alonso banking on three car teams?

Intrigue surrounds the future plans of Fernando Alonso. He says in retrospect his decision will be seen as “obvious”. Is the obvious choice to remain with Ferrari — in a three car team?

Jules Bianchi

Jules Bianchi’s accident and the lessons to learn

I can only express my shock and sadness about the accident during yesterday’s Japanese Grand Prix. I have little insight to offer. I am not a motorsport safety expert, nor a medic. But like any motorsport fan I have an opinion and I do have some concerns.


The decline of snooker

I used to be riveted to snooker, as did 18.5 million viewers in 1985. Today I am indifferent and TV ratings are much reduced. What is behind snooker’s slump?

Ayrton Senna memorial


Thirty-eight drivers have died during a Formula 1 World Championship event or test. The name at the end of the list, Ayrton Senna, continues to cast the longest shadow.

Daniel Ricciardo and Jean-Éric Vergne

Formula 1’s weighty issue

Amid all the noise about noise, a far more disturbing side-effect of the new regulations has emerged. Drivers are putting themselves in danger by trying to lose weight.

Kevin Magnussen

Melbourne podium highlights the problem with GP2

There was a very new look to the podium for the first race of the new look Formula 1 for 2014. The two podium newcomers came from Formula Renault 3.5. Two of the other stars of the race came from GP3. So what is the point of GP2?

Bernie Ecclestone

Is Formula 1 in crisis?

Formula 1 appears to be surrounded by an unprecedented amount of uncertainty. Everywhere you look, there seem to be bad news stories.

Kimi Räikkönen

Has Kimi Räikkönen lost his motivation again?

The relationship between Kimi Räikkönen and Lotus F1 Team has become strained, and the race results have been getting worse. Has his signing for Ferrari had anything to do with it?

Toro Rosso

Is Daniil Kvyat ready for Formula 1?

In a surprise announcement, Scuderia Toro Rosso have announced Daniil Kvyat as their new race driver for 2014. Is Kvyat really more qualified than his fellow Red Bull Junior Team drivers?

Nico Hülkenberg’s face

Watch Nico Hülkenberg’s face fall as Kimi Räikkönen reveals the reason he is leaving Lotus.

Ferrari’s message to Fernando Alonso

Ferrari’s decision to hire Kimi Räikkönen marks a radical change in policy. Fernando Alonso is no longer the clear number one driver. It appears to be a message to the Spaniard.

Allan Simonsen

Motor racing is about entertainment and the pursuit of engineering excellence. We also know that it is dangerous. Death is the dark side of the sport we love.

BBC F1 – the verdict

Jake Humphrey’s departure from the BBC means that their coverage has inevitably taken a step back in quality. But there are still some areas where the BBC is excelling in comparison to Sky.

McLaren and Williams

McLaren and Williams troubles cap a decade of underachievement

It seems that the big story in F1 at the moment (tyres aside) is the poor performance of two of the sport’s most famous teams, McLaren and Williams. This situation reminds me a lot of the 2004 season. There are a lot of striking similarities in the declines of these two great teams.

Sky Sports F1 – the verdict

Last year I made do without Sky’s Formula 1 coverage. But this year I decided to treat myself and shell out. So is it worth paying for?