Wolff says rivals ‘didn’t have the balls’ to commit to Ocon deals

I am as upset as anyone else that Esteban Ocon probably won’t be racing in F1 next year. But this is not a good look for Toto Wolff. The other teams are perfectly entitled to hire whoever they want (particularly if a top-notch driver like Daniel Ricciardo becomes available).

If Toto Wolff thinks Esteban Ocon should be racing next year, he could always have given him a Mercedes drive. Notably, he hasn’t.

1 comment

1 comment

  1. I suspect that Toto’s attempt (or alleged attempt) to engineer a four/five-driver swaparoo for Monza damaged Ocon’s cause as well. Such staggering sizes of political agenda in order to protect Mercedes interests likely daunted the teams that were previously interested in dealing with Esteban.

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