I am a digital manager, designer and content strategist with a strong focus on user-centred design techniques.

I have been involved in digital projects for educational institutions, small businesses, third sector, politics and government.

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Digital management

Digital management

I have successfully managed several websites of all shapes and sizes — from small one-page business websites, to the highly complex digital presence for prestigious universities.

Web design

Example of my web design work

It’s not just about how it looks. My skills in information architecture help create site structures that users understand. Meanwhile, my focus on user-centred design techniques ensures that my designs are built on firm foundations.

We had the best numbers this year and I put a great deal of that down to the new web structure and design.

User experience


The most successful projects have the user at their heart. I act as an advocate for the user, because if you aren’t meeting your users’ needs, your product will fail. I am experienced at employing a wide range of UX techniques — from user research to data-driven decisions; customer journey mapping to usability testing.



As a workshop facilitator, I help teams rapidly get to the heart of a design problem and fulfil business requirements.

Don’t get me started on what we previously spent to design our website when you nailed it for us within a couple of hours.

Content strategy


If you don’t know what your content is for, you might as well be howling at the moon. My experience as a content strategist means I can find out just how bad your content crisis is, and how we can solve it.

Front-end development

Front-end development

I am highly proficient at front-end coding. That means I can not only design your website — I can build it, making sure it is robust and future-proof. Don’t worry about the jargon. I am proud of my ability to explain technical concepts in simple terms everyone can understand.

Training — writing for digital media

Me training people

Real change only happens when knowledge is shared. My philosophy is to empower people so that they no longer have to rely on me.

I have been on expensive training sessions that weren’t half as good as your workshop. Everyone that publishes online should attend.


Newspaper article about my blogging

As a blogger, I attracted a regular readership of thousands. As a result, my writing has been featured in national newspapers, and I have been interviewed multiple times on BBC radio.

Duncan’s relaxed style belies the rigour and subtlety which underpin each piece.

Always insightful, always thorough, his blog posts read like short Masters essays.


Duncan Stephen speaking

As well as appearing on the radio numerous times, I have spoken at a conference for digital professionals.

Honest. Bold. Great sense of humour.

His talk was very well delivered and engaging.

Project management

User experience mapping

I am a certified Agile Project Management Registered Practitioner with a proven track record of delivering projects through to completion. My experience across both waterfall and agile methodologies has given me the pragmatism to recognise what approach will best suit your problem.

I always got a sense that you were clear on what was needed.